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Dr. Betsy Clarkson, DVM - Partner

Dr. Clarkson was created and elevated in Southwest suburban Chicago, where she loved coping with dogs, felines, seafood as well as other small rats, bunnies along with other foreign animals. She acquired her Baloney in Animal Science in the College of Illinois in 1994 and continued to accomplish her doctoral in veterinary medicine in the College of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. During veterinary school, she loved volunteering in the U of I Wildlife Ward, students run wildlife save and rehab clinic, where she first began researching non traditional species medicine, guiding her toward a job in uncommon animal medicine. She also completed an externship in the Animal Clinic in Manhattan, NY. Dr. Clarkson spent her first couple of years after graduation in Charlotte now, New York like a vet in a cat and dog general practice. She came back to her family and buddies in Chicago in June 2000 to pursue her interests in exotic and emergency veterinary medicine.

Dr. Dianne PoliakoffShe became a member of the they at Area Bird &lifier Exotic Animal Hospital in September 2000. In October 2004, she joined with Dr. Poliakoff in buying the practice from Drs. Nye and Brown, as well as in 2005 they opened up Area Animal Emergency Hospital along with MBEAH to ensure that they might provide round-the-clock exotic care in addition to emergency take care of dogs and felines after normal business hrs. She likes seeing patients at both MBEAH and MAEH, and it has a specific curiosity about areas of emergency and demanding care medicine, in addition to dentistry and surgery. In her own free time, Dr. Clarkson likes investing time together with her husband, traveling, Diving, downhill skiing, wine tasting, gardening and may frequently be located sampling a number of Chicago's fine restaurants and night life.

Dr. Dianne Poliakoff, DVM - Partner

Dr. Dianne Poliakoff completed her DVM degree in the College of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1998. Throughout her studies at U of I, Dr. Poliakoff, a local of Chicago, went after her curiosity about uncommon animal medicine. Before she joined vet school, she stayed volunteering at lincoln subsequently park zoo coupled with her very own exotic menagerie in your own home.Dr. Kathleen Wilson, DVM Once in vet school, she volunteered within the College of Illinois Wildlife Clinic (for those four years), and began learning uncommon animal medicine and surgery via externships at exotic animal hospitals outdoors from the vet school, like Area Bird &lifier Exotic A.H., and all sorts of Animals A.H. in Urbana. Inside a year after graduation, she was working at Area Bird &lifier Exotics (exotics only), at Family Dog Animal Hospital (a great can and dog hospital in Lincoln subsequently Park section of Chicago) and also at Animal 911 Emergency Hospital in Skokie, concurrently, to try and learn around she could readily available exceptional mentors, and also to choose which of those suited her desire for veterinary medicine the very best.

In October 2004, Dianne and her friend, Dr. Betsy Clarkson, bought Area Bird &lifier Exotic Animal Hospital from Drs. Nye and Brown. In 2005, they moved the position of the exotic hospital from Westchester to Elmwood Park, to be able to concurrently open a brand new and connected hospital (Area Animal Emergency Hospital) within the same facility. In by doing this, they might provide round-the-clock take care of exotics as well as treat felines and dogs for problems at nights as well as on weekends and holidays.

Dr. Poliakoff can also be licensed to pilot small planes, loves traveling, scuba dives as frequently as you possibly can, just began understanding how to surf in April 2014, and it is wishing to learn to sail and/or windsurf, soon, too!

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