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dr johnson snake exam

Dr. Serta Manley

Dr. Manley gained his Baloney in Biology from New York Condition College in 1988, and the Physician of Veterinary Medicine from NCSU-College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. He labored in small animal and emergency medicine for four years before beginning North Carolina’s first all-exotics practice.

Dr. Manley can serve as an adjunct assistant professor within the Department of Clinical Sciences at NCSU-CVM. He puts out and lectures across the country about avian and exotic animal medicine.

Dr. Johnson’s regions of special interest include surgery, orthopedics, zoological medicine, and exotic animal dentistry.

Dr. Christine Eckermann-Ross

dr eckermann-macaw-examDr. Christine Eckermann-Ross became a member of Avian and Exotic Pet Care after graduation from New York Condition College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Just before veterinary school, Dr. Eckermann-Ross gained a Baloney in Biochemistry and labored like a research specialist in Radiation Oncology at UNC/CH.

Dr. Eckermann-Ross can serve as an adjunct assistant professor within the Department of Clinical Sciences at NCSU-CVM, and it has lectured at professional conferences on avian and exotic animal medicine and acupuncture. She's a licensed veterinary acupuncturist and herbalist.

She's special interests in avian medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, surgery, and oncology.

Dr. Stacey Leonatti

Dr. Leonatti gained her Bs from Truman Condition College in 2002, and her Physician of Veterinary Medicine degree in the College of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in the year 2006. Throughout college, Dr. Leonatti labored within the university’s herpetology lab, supplying look after the lab’s reptile and amphibian collection. Throughout veterinary school, she carried out an investigation project on infection of iguanas with a new types of bacteria. She volunteered her time in a nearby raptor center, and spent a six week externship in the St Louis Zoo.

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