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Joris Verbruggen, Outplacement Coordinator, AAP Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals (photo credit: Joris Verbruggen)Many exotic creatures reside in Europe stored in poor conditions. The AAP Save Center for Exotic Creatures works best for these creatures to become put into appropriate conditions. They save creatures which are used and utilized by tourism and entertainment industries and that have been stored unlawfully as pets. The AAP Foundation has animal shelters within the Netherlands as well as in The country. The primary goal would be to place these creatures to permanent houses from all of these animal shelters. They cooperate concentrating on the same organizations to improve their efforts to enhance animal welfare. The AAP also influences policy making to facilitate this goal. Thus the game from the save center includes four elements: save, rehab, outplacement and public policy.

Joris Verbruggen, Outplacement Coordinator from the AAP clarified our questions.

ZOOmoments: How possess the challenges transformed since beginning the building blocks, do you know the primary problems presently, and do you know the "top species" now?

Joris Verbruggen: The setup of AAP has transformed substantially within the 4 decades we exist. AAP began whenever a husband and wife saved a monkey from neighbours, also it rapidly increased after that. Within the first two decades we essentially saved Nederlander creatures in need of assistance only. When AAP gone to live in its current location it began to pay attention to entire Europe. So, challenges are actually completely different: prior to being about independently stored exotic creatures in Holland. In nowadays it had been still ‘OK’ to help keep apes and chimps.Guidage, the rescued chimpanzee in Saarbrücken Zoo, Germany (photo credit: Joris Verbruggen) In those days the center saved all exotics: wild birds, reptiles, tortoises, animals as well as seafood. Through the years AAP specialized to animals only (macaques, chimpanzees, marmosets, degus, racoons, etc.) when other save centres began to build up and help with for instance wild birds and reptiles. Presently we're switching to not only saving whatever is within need in Europe: it's our goal to prevent the issues altogether by applying new legislation throughout Europe to prevent private keeping of exotic animals, keeping wildlife in circuses, not to mention illegal trade. Top species at this time are most importantly: Barbary macaques which about 200-300 individuals are smuggled into Europe each year.

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