Hunting exotic animals

800px-Lions_Family_Portrait_Masai_MaraTarget:Boss of Emirate Air carriers, Tim Clark

Goal: Praise Emirates Air carriers for banning the transport of hunting trophies of exotic creatures for example tigers, rhinos, and lions.

Emirate Air carriers will no more permit the transportation of hunting trophies of tigers, rhinos, tigers, lions, along with other exotic creatures, following within the actions of Nigeria Air carriers.

The brand new rule will end up effective immediately which help reduce the illegal trade and transportation of those creatures in Nigeria and worldwide. Lion trophies particularly have grown to be popular within the exotic wildlife trade. Predators visiting Africa pay a large fee for that chance to shoot wild or captive-bred creatures for example lions. These predators then get their physiques stuffed and bring them home as trophies.

This type of business makes Nigeria lots of money, and that's why it's taken such a long time to prohibit the practice. The airline’s decision might have been spurred on by Australia’s recent banning from the importation of hunting trophies. Talks within the European Parliament to prohibit the practice will also be arrived.

The airline’s decision comes prior to the Convention on Worldwide Exchange Endangered Species (CITES), which controls the sales of certain animal species. Regrettably, CITES still enables the hunting of some wildlife for example lions and rhinos to become approved in certain nations (like the U . s . States). The choice to prohibit this act might help put pressure on these nations to complete exactly the same.

The creatures these predators use as trophies are threatened to different levels. Please sign the petition below by way of thanking Emirates Air carriers for banning this horrible practice.


Dear Mr. Tim Clark,

I'm conntacting thanks and Emirates Air carriers for instigating a prohibit of transporting hunting trophies of exotic creatures for example tigers, tigers, rhinos, and lions. Many of these creatures are threatened within the wild to some extent and that we shouldn't be encouraging the illegal poaching of those creatures.

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