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Exotic foods list

BALUT3. BETAMAX is chicken or pig bloodstream that's put aside to dry and form a gelatinous substance. it's reduce rectangular cube just like a betamax tape, skewered on the stick and grilled. i cant really describe the flavour because its as with every other Fillipino exotic meals. it is best to actually eat it.

4. GINATAANG DAGA . err tasty. among the oddest food I ever sampled. Ginataang daga isn't produced from rats within our house. its known as DAGANG BUKID they are present in grain fields within the Philippines. I really had an event catching they and that i get in more taking pleasure in than really eating it. The optimum time to trap this really is throughout wet season since the rat hole are filled water plus they get free from their hole. thats the chance to strike all of them with a softball bat or perhaps a stick. cooking it is similar to cooking a ginataang manok. however it requires a longer process because

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