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Strange Drinks and food. The first is certain to encounter it at some stage in your existence if you value going outdoors of the hometown. Whenever I travel, I love sampling the neighborhood drinks and food in each and every country which i visit. However, this results in you will find some oddball special treats you will not find elsewhere – or would like to try for your matter!

Here's a listing of a few of these culinary oddities that I’ve experienced, plus a few others I’ve encounter via others.

1. Chicla Beer, Bolivia. Chicla Beer is fermented from corn rather than barley, and appears just like a yellow cloudy concoction. Tastes like alcoholic corn syrup. It’s an acquired taste.

2. Warthog Cake, Namibia. Tastes like lean pork. Quite nice.

3. Equine Sausage, Kazakhstan. Lean and salty.

4. Baron’s Black Wattle Ale, Australia. This unusual but tasty brew is fermented from barley and native wattle seed products and resembles an easy bodied stout.

5. Guinea Pig, Peru. There is not much meat on Guinea Pigs, and also the bit that you simply do consume is generally dry and salty. They're offered whole, using the mind, eyes and teeth facing in your direction. It’s difficult to eat one of these simple whenever you had one like a pet throughout childhood.

6. Haggis, Scotland. Essentially, offal enveloped by more offal.

7. Rakija, Balkans Region. A spirit distilled from fermented apples, for the rocket fuel finish from the alcohol spectrum. Certain to give back into orbit.

8. Equine Steak, Europe. Like cow, but slimmer and harder. Costly around per kilogram.

9. Nick Sandwich, Nz. Poker chips between two slices of bread and tomato sauce. Carb overload.

10. Fried Mars Bars, Scotland. Cardiac arrest inside a treat.

11. Consuming Beer in La Paz, Bolivia. La Paz is all about 4000 metres above ocean level (about 12000 foot). Only at that altitude, atmospheric pressure is substantially under at ocean level, therefore the bubbly bubbles in beer escape more quickly. What this means is beer foam literally flows from the bottle the moment the cap is taken away. Frustrating.

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