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ed4c_van2.jpgAnother Year – Another Stripathon Fundraising event

Best Strip Clubs in BC Venues for Exotic Ballroom dancers for Cancer Sister Occasions

VANCOUVER: The show must continue! Following the Cancer Of The Breast Society of Canada switched lower funds from the stripathon fundraising event this past year, the audience referred to as Exotic Ballroom dancers for Cancer will probably not have trouble finding readers for his or her fundraising again.

Carrying out a massive response of outrage from people across Canada, the audience received numerous purports to accept their donation – many from cancer organizations which had switched them lower previously. They chose Re-think Cancer Of The Breast this past year and can provide the proceeds for them again this season.

The 5th Annual Exotic Ballroom dancers for Cancer will occur at a couple of BC’s top ranked strip clubs to work on this season. In Vancouver, the fundraising event is going to be held Friday, April fourth from 8 p.m. till 2 a.m. in the Penthouse Nightclub. In Victoria, the big event is going to be held Sunday, April sixth from noon till 1 a.m. in the Red-colored Lion.

Both clubs were tied for second place as 2007’s best clubs to work on in BC through the Naked Truth ballroom dancers – a web-based stripper community that founded the fundraising event 5 years ago in honor of the former exotic dancer who had been dealing with strategy to cancer at that time.

Initially the big event was planned to become held at Mugs and Jugs, named #1 best club in BC to work on, however the club closed late in December to increase the growing listing of strip club closures over the province.

Representative, Trina Ricketts, hopes the annual fundraising event will help remind individuals to get out there and support their local strippers by patronizing the clubs which are left, particularly clubs that ballroom dancers love working at most.

“Safe working choices for women disappear when strip clubs close lower, ” states Ricketts. “The misunderstanding that strip clubs are ships for organized crime where women are naturally used is leading to common harm for ladies who've selected this profession over minimum wage jobs.”

Ricketts is dealing with government authorities to alter certain rules which are also doing harm to the so that they can boost the profitability of running strip clubs in BC and discourage initiatives that cause more club closures.

“What people don’t appear to understand is the fact that exotic ballroom dancers similar to their jobs, ” states Ricketts. “We clock in and clock out, like anybody does. And that we don’t think sex is evil.”

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